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Welcome to The Moon Collection! This Collection has been inspired by and infused with the magic of the moon. Each piece has been created with great intention in hopes that these pieces remind the wearer of their radiance, grace, and beauty. All of the pieces in this collection have been handmade with sterling silver and fine silver, many are adorned with natural crystals and stamped with stars.  Moon Blessings and Happy Shopping!


It's Just a Phase ~ Moon Phase Cuff. Length 6 1/2 inches end to end and 1 inch opening.
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Moonst​one Ring ~ SOLD

Moon Magic Purple Labradorite Pendant ~ SOLD 

Triple Stone Stargazer Ring ~ Adorned with a Lavender Druzy, a Carved Bone (ethically sourced) Moon Face, and a Rose Cut Aqua Chalcedony. Size 12
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Dark Moon Rising Pendant ~ Adorned with a Mahogany Obsidian Crescent. Comes on a 20in chain.
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Triple Moon Triple Stone Cuff ~ Adorned with 2 Labradorite Crescent Moons and a Rainbow Moonstone as the Full Moon. Length 6 inches end to end with a 1 inch opening.
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